Vehicle Graphics – The best outdoor advertising value there is.

If you ask an expert about outdoor advertising, they immediately think billboard, but there’s a much better value in advertising – vehicle graphics. The two can’t be compared perfectly because they are different, but if you understand a few basics about billboards the difference in value to a business becomes clear. Billboards don’t move, so they are only seen by the people on that road during the time an ad is published on it. They are really expensive, often ignored and only last a set period of time. Vehicle graphics move about town, are seen by many different people, are read by everyone around the vehicle at every stop light, and they last for years. What’s even better is that consumer research has shown repeatedly that people recall vehicle graphics much more than they recall billboards. 

So, if you think of advertising in terms of cost, recall and reach, vehicle graphics win every time. 

If you are considering getting graphics done on a delivery, service or sales vehicle, New Hanover Printing can guide you through the process of getting maximum exposure for your business while managing a budget that makes sense. Too often people choose not to do a vehicle wrap because a total wrap can be expensive. However partial wraps and lettering packages can be just the ticket. They get the same amount of attention and cost a fraction to design and install because they work with the vehicle color and configuration you have instead of trying to cover the entire car.

Working with a vehicle graphics expert at New Hanover Printing will give you the options you need to make sure your vehicle graphics get results and keep your business looking professional around town. Vehicle graphics last for several years, provide opportunities to drive immediate telephone traffic and show your commitment to providing that extra service that customers need to know about. 

Give us a call today to discuss your options and learn how this one powerful advertising tool can be your best investment yet.

To learn more about vehicle graphics and some of the exciting options available today, visit one of these resource web sites: 


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