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A Huge Array of Substrates For All Your Sign Needs!

When you use the best materials, you get the best final product! Our hard substrates are built to last, and we can provide you with the right type for your job. Choose from a huge array of materials including but not limited to:

Coroplast, foam core, gator foam, aluminum, di-bond(aluminum sandwich board), polystyrene, MDO, acrylic, and PVC.

Get it Laminated – Matte, Luster or Gloss!

  • Coroplast – An affordable material typically used for temporary signs, we can print 1 and 2 sided on this substrate. Available with stepstakes, and angle-iron frames.
  • Foam core – This material is great for indoor printing, use foam core for all your indoor display needs.
  • Gator Foam – This is a more durable and waterproof version of foam core. We typically recommend gator foam for temporary indoor/outdoor signs.
  • Aluminum – Amongst our most durable outdoor materials, aluminum is a versatile and long-lasting substrate that will accommodate most sign projects.
  • Aluminum Sandwich Board – A great alternative to Aluminum at a more affordable price point. All the great durability just slightly cheaper!
  • Polystyrene – A nice material for small displays as well as non-standard sign solutions.
  • MDO – Our outdoor plywood is great for job site signs, real estate sign as well as large-scale permanent signage.
  • Acrylic – A great material for backlit signs, as well and stand-offs typically used in museums and galleries.
  • PVC – The best solution for indoor large-scale permanent signage. PVC is both rigid and forgiving, making it very user friendly in retail spaces.

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