3 Ways to Build Brand Recognition With Commercial Signage

Whether outside your shop, down the street, or at a local venue, commercial signage helps you build brand recognition. More than a third of customers report that they knew about a local business because they passed by a sign.

Your business signage is about so much more than just pointing customers to your front door. It’s a great opportunity for you to tell your brand’s story and shape perceptions about your company.

Since branding is about far more than having a cool logo, what does it take for a sign to help you build your brand? Let’s take a look at three things to keep in mind for each sign you create.

1. Color

Develop a limited color palette that you use everywhere from your logo to your product packaging. It’s a core part of your brand since having a signature color improves recognition by up to 80 percent.

Think about big brands you know and the colors you associate with them. It’d be confusing if you saw a Coca-Cola sign in green instead of red or if your UPS package showed up in a blue truck instead of brown.

Start with the colors from your logo paired with one or two neutrals. Consistent use of those colors establishes the personality of your brand and helps potential customers make a quick connection to you when they see them.

2. Style

Carefully consider the style of your signage as well. It should tell your story but also appeal to your particular target audience. Edgy retro and pastel florals relate two different stories to two different customer types.

Some research shows that 75 percent of customers entered a store they had never been to before based only on the sign. When your signage speaks to the right target, it improves your foot traffic and your sales and profits in turn.

3. Consistency

Sending a consistent message about your brand improves the odds people will recognize it when they see it on a sign. It helps build the story and lets them get to know your business and values. The signs outside your store should drill home the same brand identity and message as those inside.

This covers the colors and style you adopt as well as the message you convey through a slogan or campaign theme. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever change up things to emphasize a different angle, but customers should still be able to recognize a new campaign as being from your brand.

Need Help With Your Commercial Signage?

Brand building is a multi-layered affair that requires you to consider closely the story you want to tell your customers and potential customers. Your logo and other design pieces — including commercial signage — support your brand and build recognition for it through consistency, color, and style.

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