3 Tips for Hiring a Printing Company: Signs, Banners, and Brochures

Did you know that 10 percent of small businesses don’t invest in any marketing materials at all? While referrals and word of mouth are great ways to find customers, adding printed promotional materials will boost your sales.

If you’re looking for the best printing company in your area, it’s important to understand what they offer. Here are some tips for hiring a printing company to create your signs, brochures, and other promotional materials.

1. Do Your Research

Search online for printing companies in your area and look at their websites to see what they offer. Check their pricing and compare with other professionals in the area. Read reviews and testimonials to hear what other customers have to report.

Once you’ve narrowed the field, visit the printing company and talk to them about your printing needs. Ask to see samples of their products, and look for attention to detail. You can get a good idea of their customer service from their interaction with you.

Do they have room in their lineup for additional work, or will you have to wait for your printing? Do they have the expertise and equipment to provide you with the quality you want for your business printing? 

2. Can You Expect Design Support?

If you’re looking for someone to help you with your design ideas, it’s great to know your printing company has a design team. Your interaction with your customers is affected by the details of your design, so it’s essential to get it right.

Most print jobs are easy enough to do without any support or input from a graphic designer. When you need something unusual or customized for a specific project, the ability to consult with a graphic designer is essential.

If you’re looking for assistance in choosing or designing a business logo, a good printing company will provide guidance. Adapting an existing logo to vehicle wraps or banners is a challenge.

Many business owners come to a printer with an order in mind. An experienced printing professional will offer ideas for additional options when you’re placing your order. That will help you boost your promotion with optional marketing materials such as t-shirts or stickers.

3. What Products Are Available?

Many printers stick to a limited number of standard products. Others go out of their way to offer products that will help you stand out from the competition. When you have a larger selection of products to choose from, it will help you generate ideas that will help you promote your business.

Most businesses need printing for business cards, commercial signage, and brochures to promote their day-to-day operations. When you attend a special event, here are some items you might consider:

  • Banners for trade show booths
  • Vehicle wraps to advertise in a parade
  • Stickers and t-shirts to use as promotional giveaways
  • Books/Publishing materials as a special project
  • Signs to promote individual products or events

When selecting a printing service, be sure that they have the products and services you require for your daily operations and special events.

The Best Signs and Marketing Materials

We have a wide array of customized promotional items that go beyond signs. Our team of professional designers is excited to work with you to create eye-catching marketing materials.

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