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Menu Marketing

Direct-marketing doesn’t get anymore direct than a menu. Most restaurant owners think of a menu solely as a list of items they serve to their customers, but instead consider them as works of art. Enticing menus with descriptions, images of plated dishes and complimenting the restaurant’s theme produces higher profit margins. Here are a few factors we thought of which are important to menu design and function. Mouth Watering Copy – This is easily the first thing new customers will look to once they sit down. The copy needs enticing descriptions for patrons to hunger for the more profitable dishes. A good practice is instead of simply listing generic items like burgers, the menu could read “100% Angus Beer, topped off with slice of ripe tomato with crisp lettuce, sharp cheddar cheese and our World Famous Cheese Sauce.” Placement – The top right hand inside corner is traditionally the sweet spot for placement of big ticket items due to customers’ eyes being drawn there naturally. A few graphic designers think it is important to place an image of the dish beside every description. We find menu’s to be more effective with images of high dollar plates placed strategically beside their descriptions or throughout the menu to keep customers’ eye constantly moving. The way items are listed throughout the menu is important as well. Instead of uses rows of names with prices in two columns, but list the items in one column and the price column on the opposite side with the item’s description in between. Upsell – Menus should be easy to navigate with food items placed in an order as... read more

Yoga Studio Marketing Ideas

Yoga studios need to get the word out to new and loyal customers on class schedules, promotions and new techniques. Providing information with an intriguing brand is important to distribute information to customers. Booklets – Develop booklets about yoga techniques as a reference for both new and old customers. Give it a definitive look and quality, which customers can use as a reference. This will bring a sense of notoriety to your brand and booklet, which will in turn bring in high-end customers who only want the most knowledgeable of teachers. Business Cards – Never underestimate the power of a great business card. Hand these out to everyone you think will be interested in your classes. This is an opportunity for a unique business card like a small yoga mat with your information on it. Flyers – These are easily to distribute anywhere throughout your establishment: the front desk, information table, or community board. Flyers can also be posted in local coffeehouses, restaurants or bulletin boards. Go to where your potential clientele lives and works. Brochures – Brochures are fantastic to distribute to customers for informational and promotional purposes. Brochures can cover a wide variety of topics such as the brand, but also different techniques of yoga. Include a coupon on a class for each particular technique. Calendars – Who doesn’t love a calendar? Make every month a different technique, fact sheet or use creative images for your branding. This will easily market your studio year round. If you are interested in these ideas along with a few others we can come up with feel free to give us a call... read more

How a Calendar Can Work For You

Calendars are important and useful tools businesses and customers continue to use throughout their day to day routine. As a marketing tool, a calendar is one of the most useful and appreciated items to utilize in a marketing campaign. Varying in size, a calendar can also be a springboard for other marketing tools other than simply keeping your brand visible in the marketplace. Clip a Coupon – For each month of the year, offer a coupon for special savings, unique offerings and services. This will serve as a reminder for customers to check the calendar each month, which further extends the use of your calendar other than reminders for personal events. Plus, who doesn’t love a coupon? Mystery Online Coupon Codes – If your business has a strong online presence, offer an online code. Do this monthly, weekly or daily if you think people are engaged enough. It can be a sale or percentage off an online order, but make sure to keep it a mystery to your customer until they are on your website. Daily Specials – A promotional calendar is a fantastic way to remind customers of daily specials for restaurants. If Mondays are karaoke with half price appetizers or Thursdays are half off pitchers, make sure every day is covered with a special. It can also be useful to promote a dish of the month with a discount to customers who mention the calendar. Seasonal Ideas – Be it Christmas time or the Fourth of July, customers always enjoy taking in the season. Offer a discount on items, which share a particular theme, like 15% off surf music records during... read more

Booklets Entice Customers

Business booklets are an engaging format to reach potential customers about who you are while promoting your brand. These materials have worked well for real estate agents and clothing retailers traditionally, but there are creative ways to make booklets work for you. Be Creative – Booklets are an incredible opportunity to establish relevancy and interest to a targeted customer base. Explain how your company or brand started. Show off achievements or project which really showcase your abilities. This is a chance to truly embellish on yourself. Content – Take advantage of a graphic designer to develop a pleasing aesthetic which can compliment your branding. Content should be short and focused. This is not a time go off topic. Tastefully place engaging photos of your brand in the community or at events. Not an Advertisement – This isn’t a coupon book filled with items and discounts on every page, but a step forward for your customers to get to know your branding and company better. Don’t make your booklet out as a huge advertisement with sales on items, but rather include a page about your staff or community events you participate in. Coupons – Think of this as a nice reward for your targeted readers. Add one coupon or voucher for an item or consultation. Make sure a blank page is added in between the last page of content and the coupon to visually ensure the implied value. Distribution – Hand these booklets out to as many readers as possible at retail counters, festivals, trade shows, or direct mail. You can sell them if you’d like, but the booklets will reach... read more

Be Confident with a Square Business Card

When new customers walk-in through your doors, you want to leave a memorable first impression by standing out from the competition. A simple way of showing this to your customers is by developing a modern and distinct business card, which will stay on their desk, wallet, or purse as a reminder to keep in touch. The square business card allows customers to recognize how interesting and engaging your business is compared to your competitors. Companies who are secure in what they do and how they do it break free of the mold and in turn attract new customers. Confidence builds customers! Make the design for the card correspond to the shape as well as the tone of the business. For instance, a photographer may design their card to look like a polaroid photograph; or a mail service provider may design their card as an envelope. Add a bit of elegance to your square business card by including rounded corners or use a weightier card stock to command your client’s attention. There is no end to what you can say to your customers with your square business card. Be as creative as you want to show off who your business is and the services or products it provides.  ... read more

Pocket Folders and Being Impressive

Pocket folders, also known as presentation folders, are one of the best ways to organize and contain marketing and promotional materials for clients. Also, they can be used to showcase new items or services. Presentation folders are another opportunity as well to show your client base another visually stimulating item about your company. These are only applicable when several items or sheets are in need of being organized or presented to the public. You want your folder packed full of materials for your customers so when they receive it, instinctively they understand the amount of time spent on developing the materials. Now, what are a few situations presentation folders really shine in? Trade Shows – These events are perfect for presentation folders because the attendees who are interested in your product, services or company are handed promotional materials all day, in all shapes and sizes. Wouldn’t it be great if you were the one booth who handed out sleek, very organized folders filled with promotional materials like notepads, stickers, business card, brochures and booklets without fear of items because unorganized lending themselves to disappearing all together? Press Kits – Any contact with media outlets on a regular basis for sales, promotions and overall presence in the marketplace is a great chance to utilize a presentation folder. Media buyers do not have the time to rummage through unorganized marketing and public relations materials. Make their job easier by sending a presentation folder with brochures, press releases and business cards laid out clearly in your folder. Customer Service – Since their inception, big box electronic stores like Best Buy and HHGregg... read more