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The highest quality full color printing available, and you can order online in a jiff!

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From initial design to folding, stuffing, stamping and mailing we can handle all types of mailers, including EDDM! Don’t know what EDDM is? Just ask us!

Banners & Signage

We offer a wide selection of wide format printing to help get your brand recognized! Everything from vinyl banners to coroplast yard signs.

Book Publishing

Call today to speak with a publishing consultant, we’ll help you get published for less!

Company Branding

Need a logo, brochure, flyer, or an entire branding package? Let us help!

Enterprise Ordering Systems

We understand the complicated needs that large companies have when it comes to printing and branding. Let us show you how we can give your company a streamlined method of ordering all while saving on your bottom line!

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Rack Card Rebate Offer!

Hi everyone! New Hanover Printing & Publishing is running another AMAZING PROMOTION during the month of APRIL. A rack card is a FANTASTIC way to reach new customers with a GREAT COUPON. It is a four inch by 9 inch card printed on a nicely weighted card stock which will incline your customers to truly take advantage of your offers. We are offering REBATES on RACK CARDS! This is REAL MONEY back in YOUR HANDS! Order 500 rack cards and get a $15 rebate check! Order 1000 rack cards and get a $35 rebate check! Order 2500 rack cards and get a $50 rebate check! Order 5000 rack cards and get a $75 rebate check! All you need to do is complete a form we will provide once you place your order with us and once your order is complete we will deliver your order along with your check! If you don’t have a rack card design, our design services start at just $50! If you have any questions or would like to learn a little bit more about this offer just let us... read more

Personalizing is Printing

Customers patronize business they identify with for goods and services. Simply put, customers see themselves in you. From a dry cleaner to a real-estate agent, customers are wanting to shop at business they think as an extension of themselves. This leads to businesses wanting personalized materials to sell or give away to their customers as marketing tools. In this digital age, social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help business build a desired “buzz” for events and products, but the printing takes marketing a step forward. Digital marketing is meant to captivate, by holding customers’ attention long enough to consider whether to click “Attend” or “Not Attending” or to file and save the information presented, but print ensures the pause. Print materials such as envelopes, business cards, rack cards, vinyl banners, rigid signs are simply another way expressing your presence in the market and holding customers’ attention, which in turn, will serve as a reminder as to why they shop with you. Mailer campaigns, rack cards, envelopes, even business cards are examples of a business wanting to communicate with their customers, but they are even better examples of businesses reassuring their customers they are worth the extra mile, the extra dollar, the extra effort. Be it a heavier card stock or a uniquely designed logo or even a useful promotional item, there is always an opportunity to show customers how important they are to you and even more important they are to themselves by shopping with you. If you want more information on how to personalize your marketing efforts, swing by and see us at 2145 Wrightsville Ave.... read more

Car Magnets are Cost-Efficient

Car magnets are an excellent and economical way to expose your branding. Aesthetics are everything in this day and age and with new development in graphic design a simple car magnet material can become a slick and engaging piece of marketing. 1. Contrast – Compliment your vehicle. Don’t blend your brand’s logo into the color scheme of the vehicle. Let your logo pop and be noticeable to customers. If you have a yellow work vehicle go with a black car magnet so there will be a stark, yet appealing contrast. Another way to draw a contrast is to use images or your logo. Be creative, even funny, and let the images do the work for your to catch your customers’ attention. 2. Simplicity – Remember, you’ll be driving by customers with a few seconds of their attention. A quick headline or image will explain itself along with a contact number or website. Be sure to include plenty of white space so nothing looks too cluttered. 3. Both Sides – This is the number one mistake people make when branding their vehicles. You are definitely wanting customers to see your branding from BOTH SIDES of your vehicle. If you have the space, include a THIRD car magnet on the both door of your work truck. The more exposure, the better, and the more car magnets you print in one run the cheaper the per piece price will be. 4. Print High-Quality Magnets – We have found low-quality car magnets fade, crack and peel easier than higher quality materials. This doesn’t do anyone any good for branding, but also runs the... read more

Sale Sheets. Cheap and Effective.

A sales sheet is an important promotional material to inform customers of monthly discounts and promotions. Emailing materials can be easier, but distributing physical copies through the market holds much more potential for branding and sales growth. Customers appreciate the more functional and professional image sales sheets exhibit; where emails are less personal and easier to disregard. Picking Out the Right Card Stock and Finish   Anyone can print a sales sheet using copy paper because its economical, but if a high-quality card stock is chosen it may leave a more lasting impression. A 100-pound gloss text with a glossy sheen enhances a full-color design or image. This paper grade is perfect for flip books or booklets to show off specialty items. Now, a 100-pound gloss with a UV coating will provide an extra thickness which will give the sheet more of a professional look. It will be slightly water damage resistant. If you are wanting your sales sheets to really fly off the page we suggest using a 100-pound with a glossy Aqueous coating (AQ).  If you are wanting more depth and complexity to your image think about using a matte card stock for a softened texture. Punch, Tear, Stamp and Shape Before putting your sales sheets in a pocket folder, be sure to use a three-hole punch to make sure none of the materials run the risk of slipping out. Consider including a coupon, date-reminder or valued incentive to be teared off and enjoyed by customers. These can make sales sheets functional and something to look forward to by your customers. Another opportunity to stand out from your competition is to... read more

Summer Event Tickets

People enjoy personalized printing and event tickets are no exception. When it comes to high-dollar events, the more cared for attendees feel, the more likely they are to invest. Event tickets with a interesting and engaging designs or can further impress attendees to return to the next scheduled event. Here are a few ideas when thinking about event ticket design. 1. Keep It Simple – If your tickets are for an athletic event, implement items such as jerseys, helmets or balls (where applicable). Here is when a die cut is useful to turn your standard, rectangular ticket into a fun soccer ball, for instance. If your event is not centered around a core subject, then consider picking a theme such as “Roaring Twenties” or “Kingdom Under the Sea.” Themes will always show a better return on attendance because customers are more likely to show up if there is a bit of excitement to dress up and participate. 2. Mini-Poster – Taking home a keepsake from an event is a well established practice and a fantastic opportunity to make your event ticket memorable. Normally, every event ticket is a rectangle which leads itself to a standard frame. This is where a graphic design artist can bring an extravagant or sleek design to your ticket which will make attendee’s cherish it. Let this be an opportunity to really make your marketing shine and bring some excitement to your event. 3. Add a Foil Stamp – For particularly prestigious events, such as a wine tasting or high end residential house showings, outline your text or border with a foil stamp. This will create a spectacular sheen and brilliance... read more