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The highest quality full color printing available, and you can order online in a jiff!

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From initial design to folding, stuffing, stamping and mailing we can handle all types of mailers, including EDDM! Don’t know what EDDM is? Just ask us!

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We offer a wide selection of wide format printing to help get your brand recognized! Everything from vinyl banners to coroplast yard signs.

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Call today to speak with a publishing consultant, we’ll help you get published for less!

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Need a logo, brochure, flyer, or an entire branding package? Let us help!

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We understand the complicated needs that large companies have when it comes to printing and branding. Let us show you how we can give your company a streamlined method of ordering all while saving on your bottom line!

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All Your Vinyl Needs Under One Roof!

All Your Vinyl Needs Under One Roof!

When it comes to your vinyl needs, we’ve got you covered(pun intended). We can print and cut vinyl to any size or dimension you might need. We offer contour cutting for custom stickers, and full color logos right on your vehicle or storefront. Vinyl is incredibly versatile and endures the harsh elements quite well. Make your vehicle a rolling billboard with either a whole vehicle wrap or cut vinyl on your windows and doors. Vinyl can also be done quickly, so you don’t have to wait weeks to start showing off your new business! In as little as a day, we can have your signage printed, cut, and ready for application by our crew or you! Want the front of your building to draw in your customers, and show off your new offerings? Try our window perf vinyl, it’s great for doors and windows where you still want the light from outside to come in, but also would like to display your logo or a special offer. We also have a full line of “etched” vinyl to give a regal and professional look. Let us help you on your next project, that’s what we’re here... read more
Pet Store Marketing

Pet Store Marketing

Marketing is an investment for any business. High-quality materials are costly upfront, but a positive impression translates into sales and a loyal customer base. Here are a few ideas for pet stores. Business Cards – This is the first step for any business who wants to network within their respective communities. A great first impression goes a long way in this day and age. Take this opportunity to let us design a distinctive card which will fascinate your storefront neighbors and peers. Postcards – This is an economical marketing tool to directly reach customers and new demographics. Include a coupon or rebate offer within the design of the postcard for the best results. Posters – A perfect item for giveaways during special events. Plus, who doesn’t love a poster of a kitten or puppy? Be sure to include a message or your logo somewhere on it to ensure returning customers. Flyers – When people think marketing, they think flyers. Great for a special sale or event; they can be sent through the mail or posted on community boards. Booklets – Informing customers as to proper procedures for taking care of pets is an excellent was to maintain clientele. Creating booklets informing how to properly clean fish tanks and litter boxes is always helpful for those who are purchasing a pet for the first time. A monthly catalogue of new items or yearly events is a fantastic way in making your customers look forward. Stickers –  Stickers can be placed anywhere and in creative ways. Give these away to customers and sit back to watch where they end up. Also,... read more
EDDM Postcard Mailing Tips

EDDM Postcard Mailing Tips

Are you wanting to connect with local customers in the community for upcoming sales events or to announce your presence in the area? An “Every Door Direct Mail” postcard campaigns reach certain geographical areas with a businesses’ brand or message without a mailing list. “EDDM” postcard mailing is an excellent tool for local businesses which rely on sales from loyal, local customers. Now, what steps can a small business take to ensure a successful EDDM campaign. Set a Goal – Be specific when deciding the goal of an EDDM campaign. Is the goal to develop sales from local customers or is it to earn sales leads. Bringing in customers needs to factor into every campaign. Search out particular neighborhoods or cul-de-sacs in your area for residents who will respond positively to your business’s offerings. Also, be sure to develop systems to ensure the campaign becoming beneficial. Designing a coupon into the postcard, almost, ensures customers walking through your door. Select a Route – The USPS offers tools for businesses to select postal routes based upon cities, states or zip codes. This tool is easy to use because it visually maps individual postal routes for you to pick for distribution. You can decide to mail the postcards to everyone (up to 5,000 households per order) or certain neighborhoods. When deciding where to send your campaign, it helps to know what you wish to accomplish. Are you wanting to broaden your business’s scope by sending postcards to new neighborhoods or are you wanting to reward loyal customers? Once this is decided, an EDDM campaign can truly reach its full potential. Send... read more
Green Office Ideas

Green Office Ideas

Summer is in full swing in Wilmington, North Carolina, which means more people are out in the sunshine, enjoying their own local communities and, hopefully, considering their impact on the environment around them. At New Hanover Printing, we understand how crucial stewardship is to our community and our office, which is why we ensure our stock, is FSC Certified for any project coming through our doors. However, there are common misconceptions as to how paper harms the environment by deforestation. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligence, deforestation rates from as early as 1990 are currently becoming offset due to the encouraging rate of reforestation. This trend is guided by national organizations such as the U.S. Forest Service and the Arbor Day Foundation. Another avenue to establish your office as “green” is to provide your staff and customers with recycle bins, strategically placed throughout your facility. Make sure signage is placed appropriately around areas which see a high volume of paper waste, which state your company’s preference to recycle rather than simply tossing an item into a waste basket. Developing a “green” office is important for customers as it is for business owners and we, here, at New Hanover Printing & Publishing understand the direction the market is heading in. Give us a call at 910.763.5599 or swing by to see us if you have any questions about moving... read more
How to Maximize Print Marketing

How to Maximize Print Marketing

Print is becoming an increasingly useful tool during this digital age, but how are companies able to truly utilize print’s potential? There are a variety of options, but we picked out a few we found especially useful to our clients. 1. No Such Thing as Perfect – Lots of folks approach a printing project as though this is their one and only opportunity to reach their customers. Who can accomplish anything with this kind of pressure? Making sure your brand is accessible is far more important than ensuring the most finely-crafted piece of marketing material. We aren’t saying send out unedited, poorly designed materials, but don’t try to cram so much into one piece. Patrick Whelan of American Printer suggests in a recent article relying on trying to craft the perfect piece can lead to excuses for not completing the marketing process at all because the message just isn’t “right.” 2. Print Lasts Longer – The most commonly overlooked facet of print marketing versus digital is one simple fact: Print lasts longer. By nature, a piece of print marketing has the opportunity to stay in someone’s memory much longer than email, which leads itself to becoming lost amongst the hundreds to thousands a person receives each day! Ensuring a brand’s relevance means designing a piece, which will remain engaging to viewers for a long period of time. No one wants their brand deleted every morning with the rest of the garbage, so make sure your marketing stands out! 3. Commit – Print is perceived as more valuable than digital because of the time it takes to design and distribute... read more
Google Much?

Google Much?

We are asking customers to take a moment out of their schedules to take a few minutes to write a small and hopefully favorable Google Review of us. We hope to ensure quality customer service and top of the line printed materials. The link is posted below to make clicks nice and seamless. Remember, if there are any questions about a current project or custom quote feel free to let us know.... read more