Summer Event Tickets

Summer Event Tickets

People enjoy personalized printing and event tickets are no exception. When it comes to high-dollar events, the more cared for attendees feel, the more likely they are to invest. Event tickets with a interesting and engaging designs or can further impress attendees to return to the next scheduled event. Here are a few ideas when thinking about event ticket design.

1. Keep It Simple – If your tickets are for an athletic event, implement items such as jerseys, helmets or balls (where applicable). Here is when a die cut is useful to turn your standard, rectangular ticket into a fun soccer ball, for instance. If your event is not centered around a core subject, then consider picking a theme such as “Roaring Twenties” or “Kingdom Under the Sea.” Themes will always show a better return on attendance because customers are more likely to show up if there is a bit of excitement to dress up and participate.

2. Mini-Poster – Taking home a keepsake from an event is a well established practice and a fantastic opportunity to make your event ticket memorable. Normally, every event ticket is a rectangle which leads itself to a standard frame. This is where a graphic design artist can bring an extravagant or sleek design to your ticket which will make attendee’s cherish it. Let this be an opportunity to really make your marketing shine and bring some excitement to your event.

3. Add a Foil Stamp – For particularly prestigious events, such as a wine tasting or high end residential house showings, outline your text or border with a foil stamp. This will create a spectacular sheen and brilliance for your event ticket. Attendees are sure to notice the time and effort put into making your event a step above the rest.

4. Card stock – This is as important as any graphic design. We recommend a nice cover stock because of how weight can truly impress attendees and give an overall sense of importance to the event. Attendees are also more likely to keep the ticket as a keepsake with a strong weight to it, as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to swing by the shop or give us at call. We are here to help.

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