Sale Sheets. Cheap and Effective.

Sale Sheets. Cheap and Effective.

A sales sheet is an important promotional material to inform customers of monthly discounts and promotions. Emailing materials can be easier, but distributing physical copies through the market holds much more potential for branding and sales growth. Customers appreciate the more functional and professional image sales sheets exhibit; where emails are less personal and easier to disregard.

Picking Out the Right Card Stock and Finish  

Anyone can print a sales sheet using copy paper because its economical, but if a high-quality card stock is chosen it may leave a more lasting impression. A 100-pound gloss text with a glossy sheen enhances a full-color design or image. This paper grade is perfect for flip books or booklets to show off specialty items. Now, a 100-pound gloss with a UV coating will provide an extra thickness which will give the sheet more of a professional look. It will be slightly water damage resistant. If you are wanting your sales sheets to really fly off the page we suggest using a 100-pound with a glossy Aqueous coating (AQ).  If you are wanting more depth and complexity to your image think about using a matte card stock for a softened texture.

Punch, Tear, Stamp and Shape

Before putting your sales sheets in a pocket folder, be sure to use a three-hole punch to make sure none of the materials run the risk of slipping out. Consider including a coupon, date-reminder or valued incentive to be teared off and enjoyed by customers. These can make sales sheets functional and something to look forward to by your customers. Another opportunity to stand out from your competition is to use a foil stamp for your content. This will make the information really pop off the page and give it more inherent value for your customers. Also, the use of a die cut for rounded edges or a particular concept or design.

Print on Both Sides

When you are putting your sale sheets in a clear, sheet protector for a binder or folder use both sides of the cover stock for more potential to reach more customers and to not waste time or money. With today’s printing technology it makes the most cost effective sense to print on both sides of long and short runs. Taking advantage of an opportunity to increase sales and your return on an investment is the best solution for everyone.

Print in Volume

Printing sale sheets in large volume quantities reducing per piece prices dramatically. We aren’t going to stop you from ordering more if you need them, but to save our clients the most money we encourage large volume runs to incur the most savings. Use a large volume print run as a goal to reach as many potential customers as possible.

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