Pet Store Marketing

Pet Store Marketing

Marketing is an investment for any business. High-quality materials are costly upfront, but a positive impression translates into sales and a loyal customer base. Here are a few ideas for pet stores.

Business Cards – This is the first step for any business who wants to network within their respective communities. A great first impression goes a long way in this day and age. Take this opportunity to let us design a distinctive card which will fascinate your storefront neighbors and peers.

Postcards – This is an economical marketing tool to directly reach customers and new demographics. Include a coupon or rebate offer within the design of the postcard for the best results.

Posters – A perfect item for giveaways during special events. Plus, who doesn’t love a poster of a kitten or puppy? Be sure to include a message or your logo somewhere on it to ensure returning customers.

Flyers – When people think marketing, they think flyers. Great for a special sale or event; they can be sent through the mail or posted on community boards.

Booklets – Informing customers as to proper procedures for taking care of pets is an excellent was to maintain clientele. Creating booklets informing how to properly clean fish tanks and litter boxes is always helpful for those who are purchasing a pet for the first time. A monthly catalogue of new items or yearly events is a fantastic way in making your customers look forward.

Stickers – ┬áStickers can be placed anywhere and in creative ways. Give these away to customers and sit back to watch where they end up. Also, this is a fantastic way extend your brand into more neighborhoods and communities. Make up a fun catch-phrase and print them large enough to be seen by anyone.

These are simply a few ideas for your pet store’s marketing campaign. Give us a call at 910.763.5599 or swing by to see us.

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