How to Maximize Print Marketing

How to Maximize Print Marketing

Print is becoming an increasingly useful tool during this digital age, but how are companies able to truly utilize print’s potential? There are a variety of options, but we picked out a few we found especially useful to our clients.

1. No Such Thing as Perfect – Lots of folks approach a printing project as though this is their one and only opportunity to reach their customers. Who can accomplish anything with this kind of pressure? Making sure your brand is accessible is far more important than ensuring the most finely-crafted piece of marketing material. We aren’t saying send out unedited, poorly designed materials, but don’t try to cram so much into one piece. Patrick Whelan of American Printer suggests in a recent article relying on trying to craft the perfect piece can lead to excuses for not completing the marketing process at all because the message just isn’t “right.”

2. Print Lasts Longer – The most commonly overlooked facet of print marketing versus digital is one simple fact: Print lasts longer. By nature, a piece of print marketing has the opportunity to stay in someone’s memory much longer than email, which leads itself to becoming lost amongst the hundreds to thousands a person receives each day! Ensuring a brand’s relevance means designing a piece, which will remain engaging to viewers for a long period of time. No one wants their brand deleted every morning with the rest of the garbage, so make sure your marketing stands out!

3. Commit – Print is perceived as more valuable than digital because of the time it takes to design and distribute to customers. Making campaigns stand out to a consumer’s eye, shows a commitment to producing more considerate content which will fit their needs. This means marketing campaigns need to be as important as branding; not simply additional to your business model.

4. Tangible – There is no way to get around the fact a piece of print marketing makes a big impact from just holding it in their hands and feeling it. More and more consumers are pulling away from the fast-paced digital world which means a fantastic opportunity to provide them with an experience which they can’t click on.

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