Green Office Ideas

Green Office Ideas

Summer is in full swing in Wilmington, North Carolina, which means more people are out in the sunshine, enjoying their own local communities and, hopefully, considering their impact on the environment around them. At New Hanover Printing, we understand how crucial stewardship is to our community and our office, which is why we ensure our stock, is FSC Certified for any project coming through our doors.

However, there are common misconceptions as to how paper harms the environment by deforestation. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligence, deforestation rates from as early as 1990 are currently becoming offset due to the encouraging rate of reforestation. This trend is guided by national organizations such as the U.S. Forest Service and the Arbor Day Foundation.

Another avenue to establish your office as “green” is to provide your staff and customers with recycle bins, strategically placed throughout your facility. Make sure signage is placed appropriately around areas which see a high volume of paper waste, which state your company’s preference to recycle rather than simply tossing an item into a waste basket.

Developing a “green” office is important for customers as it is for business owners and we, here, at New Hanover Printing & Publishing understand the direction the market is heading in. Give us a call at 910.763.5599 or swing by to see us if you have any questions about moving forward.

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