EDDM Postcard Mailing Tips

EDDM Postcard Mailing Tips

Are you wanting to connect with local customers in the community for upcoming sales events or to announce your presence in the area? An “Every Door Direct Mail” postcard campaigns reach certain geographical areas with a businesses’ brand or message without a mailing list. “EDDM” postcard mailing is an excellent tool for local businesses which rely on sales from loyal, local customers. Now, what steps can a small business take to ensure a successful EDDM campaign.

Set a Goal – Be specific when deciding the goal of an EDDM campaign. Is the goal to develop sales from local customers or is it to earn sales leads. Bringing in customers needs to factor into every campaign. Search out particular neighborhoods or cul-de-sacs in your area for residents who will respond positively to your business’s offerings. Also, be sure to develop systems to ensure the campaign becoming beneficial. Designing a coupon into the postcard, almost, ensures customers walking through your door.

Select a Route – The USPS offers tools for businesses to select postal routes based upon cities, states or zip codes. This tool is easy to use because it visually maps individual postal routes for you to pick for distribution. You can decide to mail the postcards to everyone (up to 5,000 households per order) or certain neighborhoods. When deciding where to send your campaign, it helps to know what you wish to accomplish. Are you wanting to broaden your business’s scope by sending postcards to new neighborhoods or are you wanting to reward loyal customers? Once this is decided, an EDDM campaign can truly reach its full potential.

Send a Promotion Р When considering how successful EDDM campaigns are able to be, we ask everyone to consider the 40/40/20 rule of direct marketing. The first forty percent of the success depends on where the postcards are sent. The next forty percent depends on what the postcard offers and the last twenty percent is everything else. Mostly, the first forty percent is handled upfront on deciding where to send the campaign. The next forty percent is a bit of a toss up depending upon what you decide to offer or announce to customers. And the last twenty percent is the gamble. Will customers take you up on your coupon? Will they want to explore a new vendor for their particular needs and tastes?

Design & Print – Once goals are in place and offers are determined, the postcard’s design and printing is the next step. Begin with the size. Most customers of ours choose a standard mailing size, but there are those who have a particular size in mind. Our design staff’s experience with these projects are wide ranging and we are here to help develop the most engaging campaign for you. Attention getting graphics and striking colors are design “must-have’s,” but clearly listing benefits or offers is helpful too. Once a design is chosen, then it is time to choose a card stock. This is a heavy influencer for customers because they do not want another item from their mailbox to simply throw away. Gloss postcards are modern while a matte finish lends itself to a more traditional look. There are many options to choose from and we are able to help you through the process.

From here, send your postcards in the mail and wait for customer responses. Be sure to keep track to find out if your campaign met its goals. If there are any questions about EDDM campaigns or how to get one started feel free to give us a call at 910.763.5599 or swing by to see us.

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