Car Magnets are Cost-Efficient

Car Magnets are Cost-Efficient

Car magnets are an excellent and economical way to expose your branding. Aesthetics are everything in this day and age and with new development in graphic design a simple car magnet material can become a slick and engaging piece of marketing.

1. Contrast – Compliment your vehicle. Don’t blend your brand’s logo into the color scheme of the vehicle. Let your logo pop and be noticeable to customers. If you have a yellow work vehicle go with a black car magnet so there will be a stark, yet appealing contrast. Another way to draw a contrast is to use images or your logo. Be creative, even funny, and let the images do the work for your to catch your customers’ attention.

2. Simplicity – Remember, you’ll be driving by customers with a few seconds of their attention. A quick headline or image will explain itself along with a contact number or website. Be sure to include plenty of white space so nothing looks too cluttered.

3. Both Sides – This is the number one mistake people make when branding their vehicles. You are definitely wanting customers to see your branding from BOTH SIDES of your vehicle. If you have the space, include a THIRD car magnet on the both door of your work truck. The more exposure, the better, and the more car magnets you print in one run the cheaper the per piece price will be.

4. Print High-Quality Magnets – We have found low-quality car magnets fade, crack and peel easier than higher quality materials. This doesn’t do anyone any good for branding, but also runs the risk of damaging your vehicle. Higher quality magnets hold a longer resistance to fading, cracking and weather which in turn will keep your brand out in the market longer while not being a significant threat to your vehicle.

We hope this blog post is helpful to you and if you have any questions please swing by or give us a call. We are here to help.


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