5 Most Cost Effective Ways To Reach Your New Customers.

5 Most Cost Effective Ways To Reach Your New Customers.

Do you run or manage a local business? Looking for cost effective marketing tactics to reach new customers and remind your existing customers of new offerings? We’ve put together a short “go-to” list of cost effective ways to reach potential customers while not breaking the bank.

Guerrilla_marketing5. Be a Guerrilla.

We’ve all heard of Guerrilla marketing right? Well if you’re not utilizing at least one Guerrilla tactic you’re probably leaving money on the table! Here are a couple initial tactics that will help:

• Make a list of retail spaces where your customers may spend time and ask the owner if you can leave business cards by the entrance, or better yet, a special offer that you’ll be able to track.

• Sponsor an artist to create a mural on your brick and mortar building. This may not work for everyone, but if you’ve got an exposed facade, put it to work by catching people’s eye. In many areas business owners are even willing to rent out a blank wall for your advertising piece. Pick a spot and get the ball rolling. You’d be surprised how much media coverage a new piece of art-advertising can garner if done well and creatively.

• Go to local events that your potential customer may attend. Depending on your product or service, develop a way to casually or naturally show-off the product/service you provide. Sony ran a campaign where they hired a group of normal people to take their phone out and ask others to take photos of them. They then showed the “mark” all the cool new features of the phone. While this type of marketing may be more difficult to track it can really pay dividends if you make it a routine and part of your overall marketing strategy.

4. Pull Off A Stunt.

Your stunt doesn’t have to be grandiose or expensive, but it needs to be creative enough to grab the attention of passerby’s and hopefully media. If your company or brand aligns with a charity, develop a way to draw attention to your charity. This allows for media outlets to draw an easier narrative. A simple brainstorming session should put forth at least one viable idea.

The most effective stunts generally call attention to a large problem or easily recognizable issue. The best part about keeping it simple; if it doesn’t get the result you expected the first go around you can always re-evaluate and re-try your idea without a huge expense. New customers are had through general brand recognition and an element of trust, faith and legitimacy is built through your efforts.

dollar shave club example3. Viral Video.

There is a pretty simple recipe to making a video sharable. With that said, if all your ducks aren’t in a row before you launch your video, you may lose out on all the benefits it can provide. Check out this great article from Convince & Convert where they elaborate on the essentials. They provide some great food-for-thought before exploring the option of a video for your brand. In summary your video should have your branding embedded within the content, and should evoke a relevant emotion. Humor doesn’t necessarily work with a high end Spa, but it might play well for someone in the Pet Supply space.

Only you know the core thread of your brand and the direction you’d like to see it go. Use that as a starting point and develop shareable content for your new customers!

2. Where Are Your New Customers?

Before you spend money on facebook ads, before you reach out to other businesses, before you go to your first networking event. You MUST have your business verified on GOOGLE! Go through Google’s My Business and register your business. Setup your page, add a bio, take nice photos of your establishment, and begin engaging with the google community via your page.

Buyers and new customers use google to find the products they need to buy. Facebook is great for brand awareness and making people engage with your content. But, when somebody needs to purchase a product your best bet is to make sure your able to be found on google. Ask previous customers to review their experience, and make it worth their while (think, discount on future order?). Any friend or family member that has engaged with your business is an easy way to gain some initial reviews.

1. Be Part of Your Community.

For local business proving yourself within the local community is vital for survival in the marketplace. While you may not be able to afford to sponsor the construction of the new athletic stadium, you can probably justify sponsoring a local little league team. You could also provide branded water for the next big 5k, just a quick brainstorm!

Finding events that resonate with your brand aren’t necessarily the highest priority with this model. You should be looking for the most long-term exposure for your dollar, or the most high profile single exposure, depending on where this falls within your overall strategy.


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