3-D Signs Give The Best Impression

3-D Signs Give The Best Impression

3-D Sign and lettersOur stand-off and three dimensional letters are made from the highest quality materials available. 3-D signs have an unsurpassed visual aesthetic when compared to flat signage. Our signs are produced from an array of metals including flat cut metal, cast metal, and fabricated metal. Available in a wide variety of natural, brushed and painted finishes we have the most options available to allow for the most impressive sign possible.

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Our 3-D Signs Last A Lifetime.

Our plastic letters come laser cut from acrylic, formed, injection molded and even laminated. We pigment the plastic to meet almost any requirement of your brand resulting in an extremely long lasting and non-fading sign. We also finish plastic letters in a reflective chrome for a truly impressive sign! Laser-cut acrylic letters allow for extremely fast production. We’ll finish your sign in a timely manner and with the best quality materials available.

To add dimension to your 3-D Signs and letters we can back-light or traditionally light and sign. This also provide excellent night time visibility. Your business will earn brand recognition and money even at night!

LED Lit Signs – Advertising All Night!

LED lit 3-D Signs Our LED back lighting is weather proof, and extremely energy efficient. The life of LED’s far surpasses that of neon or fluorescent. There is essentially no maintenance with LED lighting. If you desire long-lasting and affordable lighting for your 3-D signs, then look no further then LED lighting.

There’s a great article about the advantages of LED vs. other types lighting here.¬†An incredibly informative and educational read, we highly recommend!

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