Unnatural Selection – By D.W. Lawton


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Unnatural Selection is a sci-fi mystery which proposes an answer to the question why Earth would be visited by extraterrestrials past or present. In the opinion of author D.W. Lawton, alien visitation to Earth is not to capture Earth’s abundant resources, collect DNA, use humans as a food source, seed life on our planet, or conquer the human race, like popular culture promotes in the minds of believers. Instead, Lawton has an entirely different theory that ties together many of the current scientific enigmas—such as crop circles, ball-lighting, cattle mutilations, black helicopters, government conspiracies, strange encounters, and so forth—into one cohesive theme supporting alien visitation from a new angle. If aliens have been or are truly among us, this book offers the most logical theory why alien visitations to Earth would occur.

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